What Qualifies as an A/C Emergency

Bonfe provides 24/7 emergency service to homeowners across the Twin Cities area. But how do you know if the issue you’re having with your A/C unit is worth the cost of paying for after-hours emergency service? You can call Bonfe at any time and speak to a member of our management team, who will be able to answer any questions you may have, explain how our emergency service works and what your pricing options are, and dispatch a technician to your home if necessary. After speaking with our manager, you can always decide to wait until morning to have your unit serviced. Here’s how to diagnose the severity of your air conditioning problem and determine if it qualifies as a true A/C emergency before you even pick up the phone.

Warning Signs of an A/C Emergency:

Squealing Sounds 

If there are screeching or squealing sounds coming from your air conditioner, that is cause for concern. There are a few different issues that may be at fault. The fan belt could be loose, or the compressor might be experiencing a dangerously high level of pressure. In either instance, turn off your system and contact Bonfe for immediate service.

Strange Smells

The smell of something burning is never a good sign. If a burning smell is emanating from your A/C unit, it’s a signal that something has gone wrong with the electrical wiring, or a part has become so overheated that it has started to melt or burn. Both circumstances present a dangerous fire hazard! Turn off the unit immediately if you notice a burning smell, and then call for an emergency repair.

Leaking Fluid

If you notice your air conditioning unit is leaking fluid, turn it off immediately. The leaking fluid is air conditioning refrigerant or coolant, which will evaporate into your home atmosphere and present a health hazard to your family. Breathing in refrigerant fumes over a period of time can cause nausea, headache, racing heart rate, dizziness, and in extreme cases, even asphyxiation. Leaking coolant also presents an immediate threat to your air conditioner unit—running the unit while it’s leaking puts undue pressure on the compressor, which can cause irreparable damage that may require a costly full unit replacement. The most common causes of A/C leaks are a hole in the evaporator coil or capillary tube, or a malfunctioning Schrader valve. Switch off your system and contact Bonfe for an immediate repair.

No Airflow

Lack of airflow from your unit can be caused by a number of different things. There could be an issue with your thermostat, the electrical source, a blown or tripped fuse, the filter, the evaporator coil, the outdoor compressor… If you don’t feel any air coming from your vents, your first option is to attempt to troubleshoot your A/C problem on your own. If you can’t identify or fix the problem on your own, it’s time to call in the experts.

However uncomfortable it may be, lack of airflow from your A/C unit is not necessarily an emergency—there’s no imminent threat of a worse problem arising if the problem isn’t addressed immediately. Unless you’re in the midst of a period of extreme heat where rising indoor temperatures could be dangerous for you and your loved ones, you may be better off riding out the discomfort until an A/C technician can come fix the problem at a reduced rate during normal business hours.

Bottom line: If the repair is primarily an issue of comfort rather than safety, you can wait to contact your air conditioning repair professionals until normal business hours. If it’s a matter of safety, however, turn off the system and call Bonfe’s immediately for emergency service.

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