5 Signs You Need a New Sprinkler System

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I have noticed a dead spot in my lawn, and I am pretty sure that it is from my sprinklers. It’s interesting that you should get a new system if you notice that your sprinklers were designed poorly. I will have to go out and take a look the next time I have them on, and see if it is the design.

My wife and I moved into a new home in the winter and have started to water out lawn this summer. You mentioned that if your sprinkler heads overshoot your lawn or you find large dry spots where water isn’t reaching, these can be signs of poor design. Do most companies offer different kinds of systems depending on the climate or type of grass? Hiring a sprinkler professional to come and inspect the lawn might be a good idea.

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Congratulations on your new home, Derek! Yes – there are many types of heads that can be used depending on the situation. We agree that hiring a professional to start up, maintain and blow out your system (if you live in a colder climate) is the way to go!

Thank you for talking about how having low pressure can help you determine when to change your sprinkler system. It makes sense that if this happens it could mean that the system has a plug or a leak that needs to be attended to. I would want to hire the right people to help me with this, getting the job done is essential to having a working system.

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Great comment, John! We appreciate you reading our blog!

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That’s interesting that sprinkler systems become less efficient as they age, which requires more and more water to get the job done. I’ve heard that an effective sprinkler system will be able to maintain the health of your lawn with just 2 cycles of watering during the day. Is that true? I’ll have to check my system to make sure I’m not due for a sprinkler repair.

That’s a good tip to seek sprinkler repair if your system has low water pressure. Low water pressure is a sign of age and wear. I’ll have to make sure to compare my water pressure every use my sprinklers get.

It’s hard to tell if your sprinkler system is leaking or not because water is coming out of it usually so I get confused whether it’s a leak or just doing it’s job! But my system is 20 years old so it’s probably leak. Regardless, I think it’s time to get a new sprinkler system!

You said that finding dry spots on our lines shows that we don’t have the best irrigation design. If I was going to buy a new house I would want to know that the irrigation wouldn’t be a problem that I have to deal with. Maybe getting a professional inspection could help with learning about the condition of the lawn.

I noticed there were some dry spots in my yard and had heard that this could be a sign that my sprinkler system has low water pressure. According to the article, a sprinkler system that doesn’t project water as well as it used to could be a candidate for a system replacement. I noticed the incidence is isolated to one spot of my yard, so would you say it could be beneficial to have a sprinkler repair specialist to look at it before deciding to replace the entire system?

It makes sense that dry spots in your lawn may be signs that the sprinkler system needs to be replaced. I’ve noticed that we need to use an extra amount of water to keep our lawn nice and green throughout the summer. I definitely think that we should find a professional that could repair in order to make it much more efficient.

I have noticed that my water bills have been steadily growing for the past couple of years. It’s good to know that this could be a result of a bad irrigation system that needs replacing. When would be the best time to look at getting a new irrigation system installed?

My husband and I have been experiencing some issues with our sprinkler system and we have been wondering if it might be time for an upgrade. So I appreciate you mentioning that if the unit isn’t able to project as much water, it’s a sign that it is experiencing some wear and tear. We will definitely have to get an upgrade to our sprinkler system since we’ve noticed out unit isn’t covering as much of our yard as before.

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