HVAC Tips for Buying an Older House

3 thoughts on “HVAC Tips for Buying an Older House

I’d never thought about using the age of an HVAC unit as a negotiation point when you’re buying an older house. I’ve always just looked at it as a fact that is going to have to be dealt with. I also think the idea to get a house warranty is smart, but I hadn’t really heard of them before. This was a ton of great information for someone like me looking to buy a house in the next little bit. Thanks for sharing!

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You’re very welcome, Tobias! I’m glad we could provide you some helpful information!

Bryan Delmont
Operations Manager

I appreciate your tip about hiring someone to inspect the home we are thinking of buying. My wife and I have found a house that we are interested in. One of the things we haven’t done yet is hire someone to walk through it and tell us what will be a problem in a couple years. I’ll have to ask our agent if she knows of someone that we can hire to do this for us.

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