Common A/C Myths and Misconceptions

Although we rely on it for nothing short of keeping us cool and comfortable all summer long, air conditioning units tend to fall into the mental category of “out of sight, out of mind.” It’s easy to take your A/C for granted, only giving it a second thought if something goes wrong. However, it takes preventive maintenance, regular cleaning, and a seasonal inspection to keep your air conditioner in optimal working condition.

There are many myths and misconceptions about what counts as proper A/C maintenance and how to ensure that your unit performs all summer long. We’re going to dispel a few of those myths today.

I don’t need to clean my outdoor unit. – MYTH

Outdoor air conditioning units are eyesores, no doubt about it, and many homeowners try to disguise units by tucking them into patches of shrubbery or placing them in the center of a flowerbed. That may help with the aesthetic appearance of your unit, but it can compromise performance. Surrounding your unit with vegetation increases the risk of branches, dirt, or other debris getting into the unit and causing damage or impairing function.

If you’re going to landscape around your outdoor A/C unit, make sure you keep plants trimmed close and periodically spray down the unit with a high-powered hose to blow out any dirt and debris that’s gotten inside.

I need to change my air filters regularly. – TRUTH

Your HVAC filters are the first line of defense your home has against allergens and air pollutants such as pollen or dust. A dirty, clogged filter won’t be able to filter out these contaminants, affecting the air quality inside your home. Clogged filters also force your system to work harder to conduct air, which will put unnecessary strain on your equipment and can cause your energy bills to increase.

Especially during high-pollen summers such as this one, it’s important to change or at least check on your air filter once a month.

I can fix my unit myself. – MYTH

We respect and support the DIY attitude, but unless you really know what you’re doing, you run the risk of causing expensive damage to your system by attempting to repair a problem yourself. If you make a mistake, you may end up causing damage worse than the original problem—resulting in even costlier repairs.

Air conditioning unit repairs are best left to a trained professional. If you purchase your unit from Bonfe, it’s covered by our lifetime warranty—a guarantee for recommended repairs and replacements as long as you’re in your home—so you have nothing to lose by calling!

I should set my A/C at a steady temperature. – TRUTH

In the winter it’s good idea to set your thermostat to automatically raise and lower the temperature based on when you’re home, but in the summer it’s actually better to keep your house at a steady temperature. Allowing your home to heat up during the day forces your air conditioner to work that much harder to cool the house back down again when you get home at night.

Setting your HVAC unit at a steady temperature places less stress on your system, saves energy, and facilitates better circulation of air throughout your home.

Far from “out of sight, out of mind,” taking proper care of your air conditioner all summer long will improve your overall comfort and extend your unit’s lifespan. If you do experience trouble with your unit this summer, give Bonfe a call. Our Rest Assured Response™ promises that if you call us with A/C trouble by noon and we don’t arrive by 8pm, we’ll put you up in a nice hotel to ensure you get a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

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