Should You Install an Automatic Sprinkler System?

Each summer, as the grass steadily turns from freshly-grown green to patchy brown, homeowners are faced with a decision: Should we install a sprinkler system?

There are several arguments against installing an automatic sprinkler system in your lawn, among them the significant upfront cost of installation, operational costs associated with increased water and energy use, and the potential wastefulness of automatically running regardless of recent precipitation levels.

Many homeowners start the summer with resolve to simply water their lawn by hand during dry spells to keep grass healthy and vibrant. However, as temperatures climb into the 90’s later in the summer, resolve tends to run off like so much sweat and homeowners begin neglecting their watering routine, resulting in a patchy brown lawn come August.

Despite the investment involved, automatic sprinkler systems are increasingly popular, especially among busy homeowners who may not have time in their schedule to water their lawns. New systems are also becoming more conservation-friendly with technology designed to use water more efficiently.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market this summer, a sprinkler system can be an especially good investment. The ability to maintain a lush, well-kept lawn throughout the summer adds significant curb appeal that can be crucial to a buyer’s first impression of your home. It indicates to buyers that the inside of your home—including all home systems and appliances—are likely to be well taken care of as well.

Installing an automatic sprinkler system can also add value to your home. Houses with beautiful, vibrant lawns and sprinkler systems tend to get higher offers in resale—often enough to recoup the cost of installation.

An automatic sprinkler system is an expensive investment, but depending on your circumstances and priorities, you may decide it’s worth it.

If you’re interested in installing an automatic sprinkler system this summer, give us a call to speak to one of our plumbing installation specialists.

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