4 Tips to Prevent Holiday Oven Disasters

Whether you’re an avid baker or a master of the microwave dinner, chances are you will crack open your oven at least once or twice during the holiday season. The last thing you need when you’re hosting a house full of hungry relatives is an oven breakdown. These tips will help ensure optimal oven performance.

  1. Clean it out.
    Even if your oven doesn’t receive regular use during the rest of the year, it’s a good idea to clean it in preparation for the holiday season. A clean oven operates more efficiently than a dirty one.

    If you’re going to run your oven’s self-cleaning cycle, do so at least two weeks before the big day. Certain oven components have a tendency to fail after an intensive self-cleaning cycle, and you’ll need time to make repairs.

  2. Check the temperature.
    To ensure that your holiday feast is cooked evenly and doesn’t emerge burnt or undercooked, it’s a good idea to calibrate your oven’s temperature beforehand. You can easily accomplish this by preparing a basic cake mix and baking it according to the box instructions. If the cake comes out either over or undercooked, your oven may have a temperature problem. Contact your service provider. Doing a test run is especially important if you don’t use your oven regularly.

  3. Preheat longer.
    Yes, your oven beeps when it says it’s done preheating, but it can be wrong. It takes about 20 minutes for an oven to reach its full temperature. Play it safe and watch the clock instead, or give it an extra 5-7 minutes after the beeper goes off before you put your dish in.

  4. Conserve energy.
    Preparing lavish feats for large extended families can consume a lot of energy. Save energy during the holidays by baking several dishes at once, refraining from opening the oven door while something is cooking, and using smaller alternative appliances such as a microwave or toaster oven when possible.

Even when you take precautions, accidents and breakdowns do happen. Give yourself the comfort of extra protection this holiday season with one of Bonfe’s Peace of Mind Service Plans.

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