Tips to Prevent Your Kitchen Plumbing from Going Down the Drain

Summer is the season for entertaining. Between barbeques, bonfires, and family reunions, it seems we are constantly in our kitchens prepping food and cleaning up. All that kitchen activity makes summer a prime time for plumbing problems to crop up as you put more stress on your kitchen plumbing system. Keep these tips in mind while you’re entertaining this summer to prevent costly and aggravating plumbing problems.

  • Many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables are in season during the summer, but be cautious about what you dump down your garbage disposal. Rinds, peels, cornhusks, and fibrous foods like asparagus can dull your disposal’s blades and clog your drains.

  • When cooking, set peels and rinds aside in a bowl to be thrown away rather than dumping them down the disposal. And when cleaning up, scrape leftovers right into the trashcan, even if there are only a couple bites of left.

  • Never pour grease down your disposal. When you’re cleaning up oily, greasy pans after preparing meat for a crowd, it can be tempting to pour it straight into the sink. But grease is one of the number one causes of clogs. It doesn’t wash away, but actually builds up in your drains over time, causing serious plumbing problems later on.

  • Drain grease and fats into a can and throw away when cooled. Don’t use a rag to wipe grease from the countertop; it will cause the grease to go down the drain when you rinse it in the sink.

  • Wash dishes using the dishwasher, not by hand. It may seem like an energy-saving idea to wash dishes by hand rather than turning on the dishwasher, but in fact your dishwasher uses water and energy more efficiently than washing by hand.

The best time to service your plumbing is before there’s a crisis. Even when you are taking care to protect your kitchen’s plumbing, it still receives a lot of daily wear and tear during the summertime and should be serviced by a professional once a summer. Contact Bonfe today to schedule an inspection.

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  1. I like how you said, “grease is one of the number one causes of clogs”. As a kid, my mom always would pour the grease in a can instead of just down the sink. I finally asked her why and she told me that the grease would clog the drain. Ever since then, I have not poured grease down my drain.

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