5 Signs Your Home’s Cooling System Needs Repair

If your cooling system is not functioning well and you suspect a problem, you need to address it by first identifying the issue, and then calling the technician to repair them. However, you can skip the first step of identifying them entirely and go with the second step of calling the technician to do that for you. Technicians, upon inspection, will uncover the following most common problems with the cooling system that pop up:

1.     The Refrigerant Leaks

If your cooling system is low on refrigerant and the cause is leaks, you need to call a professional technician to fix it. The technician will fix the refrigerant leak, test to ensure it is secure, and then add the exact amount of refrigerant to it. Note that in order for your cooling system to perform exceptionally, the amount of refrigerant added should be according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

2.     Insufficient Maintenance

Your cooling system needs to be maintained, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is. You need to make it a routine of checking the filters and coils for dirt and debris, cleaning them when you encounter it. If dirt and debris keeps on accumulating, the fans or compressor may stop functioning.

3.     Electric Control Malfunctions

When you turn on and off the cooling system frequently, the fan and compressor controls may wear out. The fan and compressor control may wear out if the cooling system is oversized. Additionally, corrosion of terminals and wire also results in a problem in several systems. A technician will be able to check the electrical contact and connections to determine if there is a problem with the electrical controls.

4.     Problems with the Sensor

Cooling systems located in rooms usually come with a thermostat sensor, situated behind the control board. The thermostat sensor’s function is to measure the temperature of air transferring in to the evaporative coil. If the senor malfunctions, the cooling system will cycle constantly or erratically.

5.     Problems with the Drainage

When it is hot outside, examine the condensate drain to ensure that it is not clogged and is draining as it should. Room cooling system will not drain properly if it is not mounted correctly.

In the event your cooling system fails, you should check all the fuses and circuit breakers. Before you reset the circuit breakers, you need to let the cooling system cool down for about five to six minutes. If the cooling system stops working during a hot day, check the high-pressure switch as it might have tripped. Just push the button situated in the compressor’s access board and press it.

Your best bet to make sure these problems stay at bay is to contact professional technicians to maintain and repair any existing problems with the cooling system. Whom should you call?

The professional technicians at Bonfe will make sure that your cooling system works optimally during the hottest and coolest months of the year.

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