Do You Need A Sump Pump?

Do you have a basement? If yes, does your city experience heavy downpours at any time of the year? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, you definitely need to get the sump pump installed in your basement – just in case.

Why Do You Need The Sump Pump?

In most parts of the country, flooded basements are quite common following a period of heavy rainfall. While there is little you can do to control the flow of water, not being able to flush it out in a timely manner can have severe consequences for you.

The waterlogged basement will damage the foundation of your house, weakening its structure and integrity. Besides this, the problem of moulds and other water-borne problems will build over time, creating a major nuisance for you. By far the most important part is this; repairs for this kind of property damage are not only time-consuming, they are extremely expensive as well.

Home insurance, though handy, may not be adequate to cover for the damage caused by flooded basements. In some cases, insurance companies may refuse your claim altogether, burdening you with the responsibility of financing 100% of the repairs yourself. Needless to say, that will be a major blow to your savings.

It is better to get the sump pump installed in your basement in order to prevent these frightening consequences. A battery powered sump pump works best in case of unexpected power outages. This piece of equipment helps you in keeping your basement dry, preventing property damage, and extensive repairs.

Tips to Select the Right Sump Pump

Quite a few factors need to be considered while selecting the right sump pump for your basement. Besides this, you need to employ certain safety measures in order to protect your equipment against unnecessary damage. This involves using covers for the vents and insulating your sump pump against the water.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the right equipment for your house.

  • How big is the sump pump pit?

You’ll need to purchase the equipment accordingly. There are no standardized dimensions for the sump pump. Make sure you measure it out before heading out to purchase your equipment.

  • The electrical connections need to be in order!

You’ll need to connect your sump pump with the electrical mainframe. Even if your sump pump is battery powered, you’ll need to make the connections that enable you to keep your battery fully charged at all times. The length and quality of electrical cords need to be taken into consideration at this point.

  • Safety Measures

Use a cover to prevent animals and birds from entering the drainage duct. You’ll need to employ similar preventive measures to secure your equipment as well. This will enable you to avoid unnecessary costly repairs.

  • Viable Fixing

Will the sump pump function properly? Will it be able to draw the water from the basement and discharge it the right way? You need to make sure your installation agrees with the laws of physics for best results.

Need some advice about installing the sump pump in your basement? Contact Bonfe and hand over your worries to us! We’ll deliver the best solution for your home maintenance problems.

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