Maintaining Your Furnace

It’s important for everyone to understand basic maintenance of your homes, as it really helps in prolonging the life of the appliances. Even if you don’t do it yourself, a basic understanding is a must for every homeowner.

Luckily for you, heating systems don’t require much maintenance. They usually don’t present any troubles and are rather easy to maintain compared to the other essentials of a home. However, there are a few things that you should do to make sure that your heating system remains in optimum condition.

Understanding the Problem

If you find your heating system malfunctioning, it can be due to one of three components; heating system, thermostat, or the distribution system. 

If you can’t seem to turn the heating system on, then the problem could be at the source, meaning the unit has lost power. This could be a result of faulty fuel distribution or ignition of the fuel depending on the type. If the heating system turns on but doesn’t heat up the house as it’s suppose to, then there could be a problem with the distribution system or the blower. If the system turns on but is in consistent in its task, then it’s probably a fault thermostat causing the problem.  Do not hesitate to call a professional if necessary.

Some Steps to Follow

Before you let your primal handyman out of its shackles, make sure to follow a few of these steps before operating on the heating system.

  • Before doing anything, check the power supply, check for short circuits, blown fuses, etc.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure that its set at the desired temperature.
  • If your heating system has a reset button, let the motor cool down and reset the electronic system.
  • If you’re using a gas based system, check if the supply is turned on, and if it uses oil, make sure there is adequate fuel.

Safety Factors

  • In the case of an electrical problem, try not to fix it yourself. Electrical complications can be dangerous if tended by an amateur. Call a professional service provider.
  • If your home smells of gas, do not enter your home at any case. While trying to shut off the main gas supply as well as the electric supply, precaution should be your main concern.
  • Make sure your furnace systems are professionally serviced at least once a year. The best time for a service is after the winter season, where it has the most extensive use. You might also get a discount in the off season.

Important Factors

One of the most important and neglected part is the heat and cold source. Problems in this area can also progress to distribution issues. Whatever the source of your heat or cold is, make sure it gets due attention.

Keep in mind that dirt is the biggest factor in the deterioration of your heating and cooling systems. Dirt built up can lower efficiency and waste huge amounts of fuel, increasing your costs. Dirt affects all three components of your heating system. So remember, cleaning the dirt is one of the most important parts of your maintenance. Do not forget the lubrication of the system, and belt adjustments are also important.

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