Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Plumbing System

Keeping your home’s plumbing system well-maintained should be considered a duty by the homeowner. Plumbing systems are responsible for providing water for use and for drainage. Maintaining high water quality keeps us healthy and alert. When the water quality drops, people start to fall sick. The condition of the internal plumbing system affects the quality of water greatly. The following are five tips for homeowners who want to keep their plumbing systems clean and working.

Don’t Let The Drains Get Clogged

Clogged drains and pipes cause a lot of problems in a home’s plumbing system. To make sure that your drains stay clean, check them regularly. Drains get clogged because of hair, food pieces, and grease. If you want to protect your drains from these items, make sure you cover their opening with a grate. This way the items that are likely to make your drains clogged will stay on the covering for easy disposal in your garbage. This step alone could save hundreds of dollars on replacement parts.

Install The Right Equipment

Keeping a check on your faucets and pipes is a good habit. Make sure you change the faucets and pipes that are old, rusty and damaged with new lead-free fittings. Old pipes contaminate water and also cause other problems in your home’s plumbing system. Lead-free pipes and faucets are great corrosion resistant. They also provide heat resistance and are safer to use. Get in touch with a plumbing professional and replace old fittings with new and improved ones.

Sanitize The Sinks And Drains

If the drains and sinks are giving out bad odor, make sure you sanitize them. Dirty sinks and drains often become smelly. To make sure your sinks and drains are sanitized, use a spoon full of baking soda or rub half a lemon in your sink. Baking soda and lemon are highly effective natural resources that keep your sinks and drains clean and sanitized.  This will also keep from spreading bacteria around that could possibly make you sick.

Winterize Your Plumbing System

If you have a summer home, or cabin you do not use in the wintertime, do not forget to winterize the plumbing system.  Shut off the main valve for your water supply first, then turn on all faucets in the home and make sure you empty out as much water as possible.  Turn off all gas or power to the water heater, and empty any toilet bowls and tanks of their water.


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3 thoughts on “Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Plumbing System

  1. I am very happy to read that there is something I can do about my smelly bathroom sink, because it has been a problem for some time now. I am even more happy that the article recommends baking soda and lemon, as these are two things that I tend to have on hand most of the time. I am excited to see if following this advice can finally help get rid of the unpleasant odor I’ve been having to deal with.

  2. This is great information and I love the article! Knowledge is power and I believe the more you know, the more you can do. Prevention is a WHOLE lot better than standing by and “waiting” for a problem to occur. Avoiding costs and headaches, in the long run, is always the best way to go. 🙂

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