Home Maintenance 101: Causes of Reduced Water Flow in Your Home

Reduced water flow is a common plumbing problem faced by homeowners;  If you have ever had your water run as just as a trickle, you will know how much of an inconvenience this can be. There may be a number of reasons for reduced water flow in homes. You have to diagnose the cause of this reduced water flow in the faucet to solve the problem.

In this home maintenance blog, we will reveal some of the probable reasons that results in reduced water flow in the homes. So, take out your notebook, sharpen your pencil, and note down the four common reasons for inadequate water flow coming from your taps. 

Build-up of Mineral Deposits 

Build up of mineral deposits is the main cause of reduced water flow in most homes. When water contains high mineral deposits, it is known as hard water. A professional plumber will be able to determine whether hard water is the cause of the problem by measuring the hardness of water. The hardness of water is measured in GPG or grains of mineral per gallon. A GPG of 3.5 or above indicates hard water. 

Presence of mineral deposits not only restricts the flow of water in the pipes but it can also damage plumbing fixtures and appliances like dishwasher, water heater and others. Your plumber may be able to recommend the best course of action to solve the problem. 

Damaged Water Pressure Regulator

Another probable reason of reduced water flow in the house is a damaged water pressure valve. A water pressure regulator or valve regulates the flow of water in the home. You can usually find this valve below the hose connection or near the main shut off valve in front of the home. However, it may be situated in other locations as well. The plumber will repair or replace the valve if it is found to be defective to solve the problem of reduced water flow in the pipes. 

Rust and other Debris in the Water

Debris in the water is yet another cause of reduced water flow in the pipes. The plastic pipe inside your water heater may disintegrate with time. Due to this, small pieces of plastic may flow inside your pipe, plug up the valves and aerators; and result in reduced flow of water. Moreover, rusting iron pipes in the home may also restrict water flow. To solve the problem, you have to first locate the source of the rust or debris in the water line, and have it replaced by a professional plumber. 

Water Leaks in Home

Finally, water leaks are one of the most common reasons for reduced water flow. In order to resolve the issue, you must determine the source of the leak. Once you know the location of the water leak, you should have it repaired to resolve the problem of reduced water flow in your home. 

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