Facts about Washing Machine Bearing Repair

Does your washing machine sound like a jet engine taking off during the spin cycle? Does it make a lot of grinding and squealing noises while spinning? Does the sound make your own head spin?

If you nodded in approval to the above questions then you should know that defective bearings are usually the cause of the problem. The washing machine bearings should be repaired immediately when a loud noise emanates from the tub upon spinning. 

If you do not get the bearings fixed, it may cause damage to other parts of the washer. Some of the parts that can be damaged due to faulty bearings include – spider arm, outer tub, basket, and the electrical components. Here you will learn more about washer bearing issues and why you should hire a professional appliance repair technician  to fix the bearings. 

Overview of  Bearing Repair

Washers that are made in the last decade or so have bearings that help operate the machine. Both front and top load washers use bearings that will eventually become defective with use.  Over time, water seeps through the seal and rusts the bearings. Rusted bearings are the main cause of the loud noise that you hear when the washer is spinning.  Washing machine bearings are usually good for around 10 years before they need to be replaced.

The bearings are located below the outer tank of the washer. The outer tank is the white plastic part with an inner stainless steel drum. You have to split this tank apart in order to reach the bearing. The hoses, suspension, water seal, inner drum and electrical assembly are located between the bearings and the outer tank. A professional appliance repair technician will take them out to get to the bearings of the washer. 

Problems in Repairing Bearings

Replacing the washer bearings is no simple task.  Sometimes the sleeve that holds the bearings pops out when replacing them. In this case you have to replace the whole rear tank assembly which may add up to  hundreds of dollars. This can happen if the bearings have been so badly damaged that it collapses during repairs. 

Also, extreme care needs to be taken when removing the outer tank to reach the washer bearings. If this is not done correctly it can result in further damage to your washer increasing the cost of repair.  In order to prevent damage to other components and parts of the washing machine time is of the essence.  The sooner you have them repaired the better.

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4 thoughts on “Facts about Washing Machine Bearing Repair

  1. Hi – this blog post should be updated. I just had a Bonfe appointed canceled as the scheduler later learned (from others in the team) Bonfe doesn’t do bearings because the job is too expensive and not worth the effort.

  2. I don’t know why they call them bearings anyways ! That may be a bearing in the bottom clutch dept. but between the tubs ?? Looks like cheap ass materials , excuse me,, IT IS CHEAP ASS MATERIALS !!! From starting with the left handed aluminum nut which is total junk . It really don’t matter if the poor diy’ers are turning it the wrong way cus some tech told em, it still takes a chisel to obliterate it. Then u have a fine piece of metal suare shaped with threads on the corners which looks like something found at the bottom of the ocean lol. Under that there’s your super duper split ring . Now if I understand correctly as a person tightens the junk nut on top ( I’m talking about the new part since no upgrades ) the the cone shape that it sets in and then the split ring setting in the bottom in a cone shaped tube . And this particular housing that my two parts are sitting inside of is called the “washer hub” . Now here’s a real piece of fine material ! Pot metal ,right on ! Good till at least till it’s turned on .
    To me it’s not so much that they put these lower grade components in their equipment. Yes I understand , save ,scrimp ,cutting edge technology , economy . But when the company becomes aware of issues directly related to there products turn there heads the other way . And the best the consumer can expect is a rude customer service that needs there butt kicked ! It don’t take a rocket scientist to see that issues like this an in all other areas including automotive ,health and so on are not the same as they used to be as a whole. Is humanity going to find happiness by cheating and quarreling and without kindness ? Big B

  3. Hi there have 4 1/2 year old washing machine with bearing seal and spider faulty. Company we purchased from are saying it was overloaded. Have told them it was a catastrophic all around failure and machine is not fit for purpose. Inspection carried out by their approved repairer. Where do we go from here if they are refusing to replace or fix it. Repairer wants $550 to fix it

  4. I never knew that the reason why washing machines are making loud noises are because of rusted bearings that must be either replaced or repaired. My husband and I are getting bothered because our washing machine has been making knocking sounds when we’re operating it. This has never happened, so we’re clueless how we can remedy the problem. We’ll make sure to ask a professional to repair it.

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