Refrigerator Noises: How to Identify and Locate the Source of the Problem?

Is your refrigerator making unusual noises? Is the noise getting on your nerves as you stand or sit near the refrigerator? Is the refrigerator noise making you think of replacing it with a new one? Replacing a refrigerator just because of a noise could waste your hard-earned money. 

Just as a baby cries when he or she wants something, refrigerators moan and groan when something needs to be repaired. The correct action in the case of refrigerator noise is to identify the source of the noise and get it repaired through a professional refrigerator repair technician

Here we will reveal to you the most common causes of refrigeration noises. 

Source of the Noise

The first thing that you need to consider is whether the noise is coming from the inside or outside of the refrigerator. There are only a handful of parts of the refrigerator that cause noises. Once you narrow down the source of the noise, you can determine the cause of the refrigerator noise. 

Noise from Inside the Refrigerator

The most common cause of noises that emanates from inside of the refrigerator can be attributed to defective evaporator fans. If you notice unsteady squealing, chirping, or groaning sounds, then it may be due to an issue with the motor of the cooling fan. 

Open up the refrigerator door and hold down the fan switch. If the sound increases upon holding the fan switch, the problem may be due to the defective fan motor. Defective fan motors prevent optimum cooling of the refrigerator. An expert appliance repair technician will be able to replace the motor to restore proper functioning of the refrigerator. 

Noise from Outside the Refrigerator

Majority of the refrigerator noises emanates from outside of the refrigerator. This is where most of the moving parts of the refrigerator are located. If you hear the refrigerator noise coming from the back of the unit, you may need to have the condenser fan checked first.  The fan accumulates debris and lint that cause buzzing and clicking noises. A refrigerator repair technician will solve the problem by cleaning the condenser fan with specialized equipment. Another cause of the noise may be a defective compressor. If you hear purring or rumbling noise emanating from the back of the refrigerator, the compressor may have become defective.

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  1. We have GE profile regrigerator which is making humming sound. Can you fix it? What would be the charges?

  2. I like that you said that you can find the source of the noise of a refrigerator if you’re going to track which parts are causing the problem. The refrigerator in the office has been making irritating noises. My supervisor at work wants to shop for commercial appliance parts that are needed to make the refrigerator work smoothly again. I will help him inspect the refrigerator. Thanks!

  3. You got me when you said that your refrigerator can’t work optimally if its fan motors are defective so it’s best to hire an expert appliance repair technician for help. Our refrigerator has been making unusual groaning noises that have been bothering us. We also have food items that got spoiled even if we placed them inside our refrigerator to keep them fresh. Thanks for sharing this.

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