Why Protect Your House with an External Surge Protector?

Did you know that power surges in the US are responsible for millions of dollars of property damage every year? Few people know that power surges cause long-term damage to household items. Most surges are very brief, lasting about a millionth of a second. However, over time they cause cumulative damage to the household appliances. Equipments such as computers, televisions, and stereo systems are especially susceptible to the damaging effects of electrical surges.

It is important that you dig deeper and know more about power surges. They say knowledge is power. Knowing more about power surges will empower you to take the right actions in protecting your household items from their cumulative damage. This could save you thousands of dollars in repairing or replacing the electronic equipment. 

Power Surges: Overview

A power surge is a sudden spike or overflow of home’s electrical current. The electrical power in US is available in the form of single phase 12-volt, 60 HZ alternating current. The voltage is not delivered constantly. It oscillates from zero to a peak voltage of about 169 volts. Most electronic devices and appliances can operate within this variable voltage.

However, during power surges or spikes, the voltage crosses the peak voltage. Any electrical or electronic device that is connected to the home’s power outlet is damaged due to power spikes. Heat generates in the arc due to power spikes that damages the internal circuitry of the household appliance connected to the power outlet. 

As told previously most of the power surges occur for a brief time. A single power surge does not normally result in serious harm to the electrical or electronic devices. But repeated power surges can cause irreparable damage by slowly burning the electronic circuit boards and other electrical components. 

The most common cause of power surges is lightning. However, it may also occur when large appliances like air conditioners and refrigerator motors are turned on and off. In addition, power surges can originate during power grid switching by the electric utility company. 

How to Prevent Power Surges?

Whatever the cause of the power surge, it is extremely important that you install an external surge protector in your house. If the surge protector is already installed in your home, you should regularly get it checked with a reliable electric repair professional to ensure that it is in working condition. A surge protector will absorb excess voltage caused due to power spikes. This prevents cumulative damage to the household appliances caused due to power surges. 

If you reside near the areas of Minneapolis or Saint Paul, you can visit www.bonfe.com for surge protection installation or repairs in your home. Bonfe has been providing quality electrical repair and other services in the area since 1993. Expert electricians at the company not only install external surge protection in your home but they also provide the services of regular checkup and maintenance to ensure that it remains in good working condition. 

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