Essential Microwave Maintenance Tips

Microwaves are common household appliances that are used to cook food using electromagnetic radiation. Since its invention in the early 1980’s, microwaves have permeated the homes of most US citizens. As with any other appliance, you have to take certain precautions to ensure that your microwave remains in good condition.

Here we will discuss some of the essential microwave maintenance tips & advice to ensure that the microwave remains in good condition for a long time. 

Microwave Safety Tips and Advice

Certain materials are harmful not only for the microwave, but also for your health. You may have heard before that you should never put items made of metal in the microwave.   Apart from metal, there are additional items that you should avoid putting in the microwave which include:

A.  Aluminum/tin foil

B.  Plastics 

C.  Styrofoam

Plastic contains harmful toxic chemicals that are released on being heated to extreme temperature. These toxins go right out of the plastic into the food items. Consuming these food items is extremely detrimental to your health. This is especially true for plastic bags as they are soft and easily release toxic chemicals when burned. Styrofoam also possesses the same toxic health hazard as plastics.  

Rather than using these items, you should play it safe and try to use ceramic,  glass, and other microwave-safe containers when heating food items in the microwave. You should read the manufacturer safety manual to ensure proper operation of your specific microwave.

Regular Maintenance Tips

You should regularly get your microwave checked by a professional appliance repair professional to ensure that there are no leaks. Exposure to high levels of microwave radiation due to leaks can cause serious health problems. Regular checkups will make sure that the microwave radiation does not leak, posing a health hazard for you and your family. 

Another microwave maintenance tip is to keep the oven free of dirt, dust and other particles. These particles may cause physical deterioration of the microwave oven. You should regularly wipe all the dust from the oven using a mild detergent and water. Also, clean around the edges and opening to prevent soil build-up that prevents the door from closing properly. 

Finally, you should look for signs of rusting inside the microwave oven. You should immediately contact an appliance repair technician to prevent further damage to your appliance. Rust slowly eats away metallic body of the microwave. A professional appliance repair technician will be able to stop further development of the rusts so that it does not damage your microwave oven. 

Following the above tips, you can keep your microwave in good condition. If your microwave has become defective, you are advised to contact a professional microwave repair technician to get it repaired. Never try to disassemble and repair microwave oven yourself. 

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  1. I’d never thought about a microwave having rust before. That’s definitely something I need to check for! Thanks for sharing this article to help us stay safe with microwave use.

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