DIY Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide: 5 Telltale Signs that Your Dishwasher Needs Professional Repair

Dishwashers are one of the delights of modern day kitchens. Today they have become much more than a household convenience. These appliances are now considered a necessity in most homes. However, like all electrical appliances, dishwashers can become defective with use. 

In this article, we will guide you in troubleshooting your dishwasher. This will save you the trouble of having to deal with a defective dishwasher by having it repaired before it stops working. Just relax, grab a cup of coffee, and continue reading. 

1. Lukewarm or Cold Water

A clear indication that your dishwasher may need repairs is lukewarm or cold water that circulates through the unit. You must touch the water or dishes immediately after a cleaning cycle. The water should always be hot. In case the water is lukewarm or cold, you should have it checked with an expert dishwasher repair service. 

2. Rusting Inside the Unit

Your dishwasher may also require repair if there is rusting inside the unit. The dishwasher should never rust from the inside. Rusting indicates that there may be some problem with the dishwasher. If you notice signs of rusting inside the unit, you should immediately contact a professional repair firm. 

3. Cracks in the Body

You must immediately get your dishwasher repaired if you see visible cracks in the body of the unit. Visible cracks will affect the performance of the dishwasher in cleaning the dishes. The dishwasher may not be able to successfully clean the dishes if there are signs of cracks in the exterior or interior of the dishwasher. It is important that you get the dishwasher repaired on the first signs of cracks in the inside or outside of the unit. 

4. Pooling of Water

If the water pools at the bottom of the unit, you have to get it immediately checked with an appliance repair business. Most owners erroneously think that pooling of water inside the dishwasher is normal. The fact is pooling of water is the biggest indicator of malfunctioning within the unit. This not only results in wastage of water resources but also ineffective cleaning of the dishes. An appliance repair technician will effectively repair the unit to prevent pooling of water inside the unit. 

5. Broken Latch 

You will not be able to shut the unit completely due to broken latch. This will result in ineffective cleaning of dishes. It is essential that the door of the dishwasher be completely closed for optimal cleaning of the dishes. Therefore, it is important that you get the broken door latch fixed immediately. Delay in repairing the latch may cause further problems increasing the cost of repairing the unit. 

If your dishwasher shows any of the above signs, you should immediately get it repaired. Bonfe is a reliable name when it comes to troubleshooting and repairing household appliances in Minneapolis, St. Paul’s and nearby areas. 

Visit now and get in touch with Bonfe appliance repair professionals to get your dishwasher repaired at affordable cost.   

2 thoughts on “DIY Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide: 5 Telltale Signs that Your Dishwasher Needs Professional Repair

  1. I started noticing cracks in the body of our dishwasher a couple months ago and ignored it, thinking that it was not a real problem. After reading around I was convinced that this needed to be amended as soon as possible. In addition, the dishes were coming out less and less clean, a direct cause of the cracks affecting performance, just as you say. I will pass these tips on to my neighbors as well!

  2. Thanks for the advice about common problems with the dishwasher. I have notice pools of water not draining from the inside of mine, so I’m glad I checked to see if that is normal. Since it is such a major problem, I will be take your advice and find an appliance repair business to check it out.

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