4 Essential Furnace Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

Are you experiencing trouble with your heating system? Then you are not alone. Every year hundreds of Americans complain of faulty furnace that does not produce the required heat to warm the rooms. Even the most well maintained heating equipment can break down or have issues. Major problems with the heating equipment can only be solved by expert technicians. However, you should know that there are some faults that you can resolve yourself.  

Do you want to know some of the basic furnace repair tips that could save you lots of dollars? Then continue reading. Here you will unveil under the wrap secrets about repairing faulty  furnaces that you can perform yourself. 

Furnace Produces Insufficient Heat

Some of the reasons a furnace may be producing insufficient heat include a loose blower belt, a dirty filter or burner, or a faulty blower. These problems can occur in unison or they may happen independently. If your furnace also produces insufficient heat, you can look at these problems to know whether they are causing the heating problem with the furnace. You just have to possess basic skills to repair the problem yourself. 

Furnace Produces No Heat 

There are various reasons that a furnace may not be able to produce heat. Some of the reasons that the furnace may be having issues, producing heat include the following:

•  Blown Fuse

•  Tripped Circuit

•  Closed Control Valve 

•  Faulty Thermostat

•  Non Working Pilot Light

None of the above issues will result in significant repair cost for you. As with a furnace that produces insufficient heat, you can easily solve the above problems yourself if you possess basic plumbing and electrical skills. 

Furnace Switches On and Off Without Heating Properly

Does your furnace switches on and then off without producing the desired level of heat? Then the culprit may be an overly dry motor, a dirty filter, or a clogged blower. You can lubricate the dry motor by using oil or grease. Dirty filter can be cleaned or replaced with a new filter. Finally, you can use a vacuum to clean out the clogged blower. 

Furnace Pilot Light Does Not Light Up

You can check the furnace pilot light by looking at the underside of the furnace. You can spot a blue flame emanating from a small pipe if the pilot light is working fine. Faulty pilot light may be caused by insufficient gas flow, a clogged opening, or a damaged thermocouple. 

You can easily resolve the issue yourself if you are having the above problems with your  heating system. Having said that, some problems with the  furnace can only be resolved by expert technicians. Most reliable heating technicians are licensed, certified, and insured that you can trust in solving your major furnace-heating problems. 

Bonfe is a trusted name in Saint Paul and Minneapolis Twin Cities metro area that solves all kinds of issues related to furnace heating. You can visit www.bonfe.com for getting your furnace heating issues resolved at an affordable price. 

5 thoughts on “4 Essential Furnace Repair Tips That Can Save You Money

  1. Every time my wife and I go over to our close friend’s house, they always complain about their heater! It does that exact thing where it will turn on (rather loudly, I might add) and then turn off after seemingly accomplishing nothing. I will forward this on to them and maybe they can try to vacuum it clean a bit.

  2. Thanks for sharing these four tips on repairing your furnace. It’s really nice that you listed most of the common causes of multiple furnace problems. The furnace in my house isn’t working as well as it should, so it might have a loose blower belt or a faulty blower. I just recently replaced the filter, so I know that can’t be the problem!

  3. My furnace doesn’t heat very efficiently and I have avoided fixing it during the summer. I think I just need to change the filter because I haven’t in awhile. Thanks for taking the time to write, I am going to try changing the filter.

  4. Given that the days are getting shorter and nights getting colder, it is important to have a properly working furnace. You wouldn’t want to come home and have it be like a walk-in freezer. One of the easiest checks you can do is checking the filter. Just like the air filter in your car, the filter for the furnace needs to be checked periodically and replaced if dirty. If you neglect to do so, it can cause larger problems down the road.

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