Holidays Are Around The Corner! Here Are Tips To Avoid Plumbing Issues

Fall and winter are the busiest holiday seasons .  It’s when people entertain the most guests of the year. Indeed, a good time to meet your loved ones and feast your heart out, but there’s a downside to it too. Plumbing issues!

More guests mean more issues for your kitchen and bathroom plumbing system. There will be a need for meals to be prepared in bulk, and consequently, more dishes that need to be washed. While it is important to call an experienced plumber to fix plumbing issues in your home, taking some preventive measures helps avoid aggravating the situation.

What are the common plumbing issues you can face in the busiest season of the year, and what can you do to avoid such issues?

Busy Kitchen? Indeed a Huge Problem

If your kitchen is being used all day long for preparing meals and doing dishes, there is a good chance of an increased grease build-up in the drain. In addition to that, your drain can get clogged due to trash and food particles.

Plumbing Issues In The Toilet

Plumbing issues get really troublesome if too many people use the toilet. A huge number of guests mean more showers, an increased number of toilet flushes and a swell in the sink usage. The issues can get serious if preventive measures aren’t taken.

Let’s go through some measures you can take to save your kitchen sink and drains from clogging.

Tips For Avoiding Plumbing Issues In The Kitchen

To keep your sink from clogging, you should avoid disposing matter such as poultry skin, large pieces of carrots, pumpkin pulp and banana peels in the sink. Putting these items into the garbage disposal can cause it to clog and consequently block the sink too.

Grease and oil cause a lot of clogging issues in the sink. It is highly recommended not to dispose oil or fatty materials into your sink. Material rich in fatty and oily content sometimes solidifies in the drain pipes and results in clogging. All you need to do is to wipe any oil or grease from your pans and utensils before putting them in the sink.

To ensure the solid particles don’t get stuck in the sink and go down the drain, you need to turn your garbage dispose on before you put waste in the sink. Apart from that, you should let water run for around 15 seconds prior and after the use of the disposer. This ensures that the waste completely flushes down the pipe.

A cheap and easy way to clean your disposal is to throw ice chips, lemon or lime peels into it after use.

If you have further issues contact a plumbing professional to look at your disposal and pipes.

Tips For Avoiding Plumbing Issues In The Bathroom

You can’t keep guests from using the toilet, can you? What you can do, however, is place a garbage can in the bathroom to ensure your toilet is not mistaken for trash bin by your guests. Also, it’s not rude to remind your guest not to dispose tissues and other such stuff in the toilet. Taking such simple measures will ensure your toilet keeps from clogging.

Clogging issues can get serious if not taken care of time and you may need plumbing experts to help you out. For expert help on plumbing issues, visit

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