How To Install Outdoor Lighting Properly

Outdoor lightening can be used for illuminating the area for security as well as aesthetic reasons. Outdoor lighting fixtures come in various types. You can opt for pretty outdoor lanterns or you can go for sconces. What needs to be ensured, however, is that you install the light properly.

Decide Where To Place The Lights

You need to start off by deciding where you need to place the lights. They should be placed at a location where the wiring can reach an electrical source. If you don’t have an electrical source nearby, you need to go for battery-operated LED lights.

You also need to take the dimensions of the space into account. Opt for the fixture which is suitable for the particular place.

Installation of Lights

You need to take precautions before proceeding with the installation. First ensure the electrical outlet is closed and the surrounding area is dry and clean.

Round Up The Tools

For proper installation, you need to have the necessary tools. According to the type of lights you have chosen, you can prepare for purchasing the suitable tools.

Codes For Outdoor Lighting

Certain codes have been specified for each city for outdoor lighting. You need to go through the color codes before going further with the installation.

Weatherproof Boxes

It is recommended that you opt for weatherproof boxes. Weatherproof boxes help against corrosion or damage by weather conditions. In addition to that, the switches which are used for proper wall lighting fixtures should be kept away from harsh weather conditions. They should be kept in waterproof boxes.

Cut Off The Main Electrical Source

Don’t forget to cut off the main electrical source to save you from any mishap. Next mark the areas where you plan to install the wall lights.

In addition to that, you require a drill, about two inches of wood and fixture boxes.

Start off the installation by drilling the wood piece to the outside of your wall. Next, get rid of the knockouts from the fixture boxes. You need to set it up on the wood.


Testing The Switch

You need to test the switch to ascertain if it works. You do this with the help of an electrical tester.

Let The Professionals Take Care Of It

For perfect results, installation of outdoor lights should be done by experienced electricians only. It can be tedious and requires know-how of wiring, etc, too. If installed incorrectly, it can result in damage to the lights, as well as issues in the electrical system.

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